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What are Chakra

Many people ask the question – What are chakra? Crucial to your holistic well being are certain points of life force (life energy vortexes – so to speak) known as chakra. It is taught in yoga that we as humans have four(4) bodies: Physical, Mental, Causal and Astral It is in the astral body where […]


Sacral Chakra

The sacral /spleen chakra , known as svadhisthana, is located a couple of inches below the belly button about 2 inches back within this area. This chakra is most often associated with the color orange which looks like the sky at sunset. Our sense of sexuality and pleasure, our reproductive organs, our feelings of abundance […]


Third Eye/Brow Chakra

The Third Eye (Brow) Chakra is located between the eyes (actually just above the nose between the brows). The color associated with it is indigo and the mantra sound is ‘aum’. It is the center for our intuitive, psychic and imaginative self – the road to wisdom. When well balanced we can distinguish delusions and […]


Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra, known as sahasrara, is located at the very top of your head. The color associated with it is violet/white and the mantra sound is ‘ah’ or ‘om’.. It is the center for our intuitive, psychic and imaginative self – the road to wisdom. When well balanced we are able to easily connect […]


Throat Chakra

Just above our collar bone we find our 5th charka (the throat charka). This chakra helps us to honestly share our thoughts and ideas. Our ability to communicate (in every sense) emanates from our Throat Chakra. Our ability to listen, to hear psychically, to speak metaphysically and to communicate clearly are all tied to this […]


Solar or Navel Chakra

The third charka, the solar or navel charka, is located in the navel just below the ribcage. Our solar plexus chakra influences the limits we set on ourselves and our sense of self . If we wish to change or grow as an individual than meditating on this charka will help us to purify ourselves […]


Heart Chakra

Our feelings of love (for ourselves as well as others) radiate from the Heart Chakra. Our desire to be generous, our ability to be and our level of generosity as well as our feelings of compassion and empathy emanate from our heart charka. The heart chakra is the one that allows us to connect with […]


Root Chakra

Before dealing with the health of your root chakra we need to know the simple what / where / why.  At the bottom end of your spine (known as your tailbone) is the charka known as the root chakra. A charka is not physical. It is nothing that can be seen with the human eye […]